Introduction to Successful Sales

The sales function is the life blood for any organisation. Whether this is the sale of products or services, the role of the sales professional now requires a thoughtful and creative approach in meeting increasingly sophisticated customer requirements.

With more competition, sales people need to demonstrate a thorough understanding not just of their customer needs but also their market sector.

It is through this that they can create a compelling narrative that delivers revenue and profitability.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who is new to the sales function.

Anyone who has sales experience but has had little or no formal training.

Teams that wish to re-evaluate their sales approach.

​Indicative Duration – 2 days

Learning Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Plan a sales strategy and target potential customers
  • Research market sectors
  • Structure a sales approach to maximise opportunities
  • Use a variety of questioning techniques to draw out explicit and implicit needs
  • Use 6 key benefits that meet the customer need
  • Gain commitment to the next stage of the sales process

Learning Content

  • The qualities of a successful sales person
  • The importance of research and establishing credibility
  • Push vs pull styles of communication
  • The communication tree – channels for contact with customers
  • The 4-part sales structure
  • Establishing rapport and value
  • Questioning techniques – moving beyond “open and closed”
  • Demonstrating benefits – the 6 key buying motivations
  • Recognising and managing objections
  • Gaining commitment from customers
  • Creating a cost model that delivers profitability
  • Practice sessions

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