‘The Cutting Edge’ Training Programmes

13 training courses that will deliver the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to give your organisation the ‘Cutting Edge’.

All our training is in-house. E-learning and online platforms are great for delivering technical and product based training but we strongly believe that training on these 13 core skills needs to be delivered face to face to properly embed them. We will come to your offices, where your staff already feel comfortable, and save you the time and expense of travel.

We deliver value. We don’t need to charge you exorbitant fees to create bespoke course content or do complex analysis of your business. We offer a simple pricing structure to deliver the right content necessary to drive the performance of your people and create value in your business.

We know what great looks like because we’ve delivered millions of hours’ worth of training across 1000s of courses.

Personal Development

We know the small things can make a big difference. Providing your key personnel with the right skills can turn a good job performance into a great job performance.

Our 6 courses designed for your key personnel across your organisation will ensure they can perform at maximum level. The main courses that we have identified as being critical to making that significant difference in performance are as follows:

Management Development

The current and future leaders of your organisation are critical to your growth and success. It’s vital they’re equipped with the right skills to perform to their full potential.

The 7 courses we’ve designed for your management team are focused on developing and enhancing the leadership skills you require for maximising the performance of the leaders in your organisation. These are:

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