Our Services

We deliver a range of services aimed at providing the “Cutting Edge” required to improve your business performance and deliver business growth.

All of our programmes are tailored to your needs and we work collaboratively with you to identify the elements that will give your organisation the performance “Cutting Edge”

Executive On-boarding

The transition period for any new executive is crucial to long term success.

We know that nearly half of all leadership transitions fail within the first two years and nearly 70% stated organisational culture and politics were the primary reason for failure.

Given how vital it is to ensure the success of Executive level appointments, we provide one-to-one on-boarding programmes for your senior level roles.

These significantly reduce the risk of failure as we help identify and address any cultural and wider organisational challenges.

Executive Coaching

We provide one-to-one coaching services from executive board level through to managers and supervisors.

Coaching is an invaluable part of confidence and commitment building and has proved be one of the most reliable methods in developing personal effectiveness and efficiency.

Whilst our approach is tailored to the individual, there are 4 key “anchors” around which the coaching conversations can be facilitated. This provides a framework for discussions and stimulation of ideas.

Performance and Learning Consultancy

Our highly experienced consultants will work with you to identify your performance needs and define what exceptional looks like.

We will help you develop competencies, measurement criteria and goals to ensure that expectations are explicit.

We will help develop meaningful learning objectives and jointly examine how these can best be implemented in a comprehensive report.

Assessment Centres

Our assessment centres are designed to help you measure your starting and finishing points in the development of performance.

Whether for recruitment and selection or learning, we can help you measure existing levels of capability, confidence and commitment and will make recommendations on the suitability of candidates or how performance can be improved through learning.

Our stimulating assessment events utilise a variety of interactive methods to engage participants and ensure you can make more informed decisions.